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Path of Regret
The sunset is lovely as it creeps out of the sky,
It’s rays warm my skin, the air floats idly by.
Reds and golds from the forest down below,
Stretching outward, away, their leaves aglow.
A juxtaposition of forest and sea
Meet at the horizon, joined they’ll never be.
My feet dangle, my hands upon my lap;
A breath, a sniff, a scent of musty sap.
Upon this crack, this break in the purity of the land
This cliff, this valley, half given to make sand.
A metaphor for my existence, the forest and the sea,
I’ve reached my pinnacle, this is what I will be.
Living below the forest is my memory,
A day, a week, a month, a year, standing as a tree.
Only for a time, as the sun wanes and lowers down
Silent and forlorn, my life makes no sound.
Looking far ahead towards the forest and the sea,
Futile to wonder if there is something more for me.
A lone pine, taller than all, encroaches on the heights,
I recognize the fir, a brief moment of love alight.
I stare and remember, a fondness f
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A-list Star
I’m making a movie.
Every day, a new one.
I have no scripts, or props.
I have no studio, or artists.
But I have an A-list star.
My eyes are my camera,
My ears are my audio track,
And there is one direction,
They are always pointed;
At my A-list star.
Sometimes my lens gets fogged,
And the picture is blurry.
Sometimes the audio is empty,
And the sound is silent;
From my A-list star.
Whenever I uncover the lens,
To my camera eyes
The opening credits play,
The title scrolls past,
For my A-list star.
Who is my A-list star?
Who are my cameras on?
Who makes the movies I write?
Who speaks the audio track?
You. My A-list star.
:iconlyetur:Lyetur 0 0
Drowned Fish
Warm water surrounds;
A reminder, a ritual;
Solace and succor;
In the urban simplicity.
Wetness envelopes;
Memories of spring rains;
Dry deserts billowing;
Childhood walks down
Burbling streams.
Vast expanses known;
Salty sprays sprinkling
her face.
The taste equals
her tears.
Soaps, and lotions;
fluffy towels prepared;
Cotton robe, absorbing;
She is ready.
Her tail flicks;
catching on the sharp rocks;
A short moment;
Compared to the long years.
Pain against agonizing screams.
Cool water surrounds,
warmed from within;
Her tail will flick no longer;
Tear stained face;
The message.
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Hold the torch over your head;
Look past your feet, with dread;
Staring down, you only fall so far;
Before your heart stops with a jar.
Having walked the path once before;
Bleeding, broken, you sealed the door;
Long ago, you traveled away;
Your path brought you back this day.
Face it again; the suicide of love
You scream at the heavens above;
Flickering flame held your only light;
The yawning abyss you can’t fight.
Falling, twisting, clawing with fear;
Howling dark whispers in your ear;
Truth heard, you have no salvation;
Darkness crushes your determination.
Warm to cool, dropping, as time ticks;
Cool to cold, weightless as bricks;
Surcease from pain not to be found;
A jailer instead, immortally bound.
:iconlyetur:Lyetur 1 0
What is your prize?
Can you refill the vessel,
Or does it just run dry?
How long until you’re empty?
Are the limits of your heart finite?
Perhaps you use a ladle?
For others to drink their fill.
Do you spoon the contents?
Shower it like a warm rain?
When you’ve been broken,
Does the caring leak out?
What can stop the flow?
Can it be renewed?
What of the despair,
Crushing you as you cry?
Do you hear your bones splinter?
Will you stand again?
:iconlyetur:Lyetur 1 0
Deafening Silence
Yes, I’m a dirty liar.
I lie.
To the one person who;
Should never hear a lie.
Yes, I’m afraid.
I’m scared.
Of losing something that;
I value more than life.
Yes, I’m lonely.
I’m alone.
Facing the world which;
Doesn’t know who exists.
Yes, I’m cold.
I’m freezing.
The chamber was melted and;
Released it all.
:iconlyetur:Lyetur 1 0
Panorama of my Soul
I stand at my door; my gaze a stare.
At what used to be.
Protected and private; soul laid bare.
My sanctuary.
Empty, alone, the shreds of my life;
I hid from it here.
Sadness creeping, my mind filled with strife;
Urged to disappear.
Comfort and shelter, I sought in bed.
The world kept at bay.
Sheet pulled up; pillow under my head.
Ignorant I stay.
The safety has been snatched; new and changed.
My stare reminds me.
Landscape of my bed; now rearranged
An ocean I see.
Mattress threatens to swallow me whole;
Its edge I cower.
Less territory; no more control.
Withdrawn; my power.
Formerly silent; my heart now screams.
Shelter of ice gone.
The aching torment stirs and it streams,
What has my love done?
I gave away my sanctuary;
With soft hope, I dared.
His touch has forever altered me;
Physical love shared.
Far away, the dreams engulf my mind.
Two lovers now one;
The sound, and touch, and taste; all entwined
Their love just begun.
Given, shared to him; my body claimed.
Ear laid on his chest,
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The ice masks the painIt free
The ice masks the pain
It freezes the wounds,
the myriad cuts of hurt
The ice keeps time still.
Stark cold block
surrounds the Prize.
It has no suffering
There is no anguish
No longing or wanting
Frozen water keeps it safe
The Prize knows nothing
of agony, or affliction
Buried deep, hidden far from all
Protected by it’s Guardian.
She prowls the caverns
sightless and immortal
Blindness keeps her pure
The Prize is her Life.
For all covet the Prize
but none wish to possess it.
Eternal, never ending
Longing for the Prize.
She does not remember
When the Prize called to her
Only that she answered,
on bended knee she gave.
Her blade, her bloode and all
The Prize; she yearns to serve.
An intruder encroaches
He comes seeking the Prize
Having heard it’s call
As did the Guardian
The snowy prison changes;
No longer encased in ice
The Prize melts free.
Soundlessly in horror she feels.
A heart, shredded and torn
bleeding and broken, shattered
by neglect and abuse.
The ice that saved; gon
:iconlyetur:Lyetur 0 1
My eyes have been opened,No m
My eyes have been opened;
No more will I miss what stares at me.
Why did it take so long?
Was I in hiding? or did I choose to deny?
Then and now,
The time between is the difference.
Then, I could go days
Now, I can barely go a minute.
I lay still, unmoving
My breathing slow, regular
As the sleep steals over me
I know what dreams may come.
I no longer fear the nightmares.
You have replaced them.
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by luniara

As always, excellent work with the facial expression. My only real critique has do with their kiss. It is either too chaste in appearan...


Hello DA!

I just spent a few minutes converting and posting a significant number of my published work. While I did show the majority of what I'm capable of accomplishing, this is by no means an exhaustive list. There were a number of collaborations, multi-poster and combination ads and even other artist corrections that I've avoided posting due to the fact that these are the only pieces I "own".

Feel free to browse my new category! Like and comment as much as you want, be as harsh or as sweet as you wish! Any criticism is welcomed and encouraged!

Thank you for visiting!


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